Whatever the vehicle, whatever the application, you can bet that there is an ACDelco Spark Plug to do the job – and do it well. Whether you are choosing Professional or Specialty spark plugs, from our Iridium, Double Platinum, RAPIDFIRE single platinum, Conventional, Glow Plug, Marine, or Outdoor Power Equipment lines, you will know that you are getting a century’s worth of experience and know-how packed into that plug. Advanced features and competitive warranty coverage adds up to the ACDelco advantage – put it to work for you.

The spark plug is what started it all for ACDelco. Now, with over 100 years of innovation behind each spark plug, you know you’re covered. From the old to the new and even the nonautomotive, ACDelco has spark plugs to fit just about every need.


ACDelco Conventional Spark Plugs

With coverage for most older vehicles on the road today and robust long-life design, ACDelco Professional Conventional Spark Plugs are an economical choice for solid performance.

  • Has a copper-core center electrode that helps provide improved heat transfer to the tip, giving you the reliability you’re looking for while improving its resistance to low-speed carbon fouling
  • Precisely engineered and manufactured to provide everyday reliability and efficient performance
  • The hot-tip insulator heats fast and fires hot
  • The nickel-chrome alloy on the ground electrode and center electrode sheathing resists wear from spark erosion and the corrosive environment of the combustion chamber

Performance Platinum Spark Plugs

An ideal plug for vehicles requiring platinum performance or older vehicles calling for conventional plugs, ACDelco’s Professional Platinum Spark Plugs can give up to 100,000 kilometers* of service in some applications.

  • Dual platinum tip for improved resistance to spark erosion and corrosive combustion chamber environment
  • A platinum center electrode and a platinum pad lower the ignition demand voltage
  • 3-piece Fired-In-Suppressor Seal (FISS) helps reduce radio frequency interference, meters spark plug energy to help provide long electrode life and seals against compression leakage
  • Designed with a corrosion-resistant shell
  • Spark gap remains virtually unchanged during the life of the plug


ACDelco Iridium Spark Plugs

Step up to the latest spark plug technology with ACDelco’s Iridium Spark Plugs. Designed to last over 100,000 miles* in most applications ACDelco Iridium Plugs are the ideal replacement for today’s top-performing vehicles.

  • Iridium is one of the hardest metals used in spark plugs today, which allows for smaller, more efficient electrode designs for improved cold starting and quicker acceleration
  • Latest evolution in high-performance plug electrode material
  • Improved cold-starting and acceleration characteristics
  • Reduced ignition system voltage demands saves wear and tear
  • New-vehicle applications using iridium plugs continues to increase


ACDelco Rapidfire® Performance Platinum (Single Platinum) Spark Plugs

Designed for today’s most popular autos, as well as several marine applications, ACDelco’s Rapidfire® Platinum Spark

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