ACDelco Alternators & Starters

ACDelco Alternators and Starters are engineered for virtually every make and model of GM car, light-duty truck and sport utility vehicles. You can choose from our two lines of products: GM Original Equipment or Remanufactured*.

Remanufactured parts meet GM approved service part requirements and are made from previously used components in a process that involves disassembly, inspection, cleaning, update of software and replacement of parts as appropriate, testing, and reassembly.

*Refurbished parts also meet GM approved service part requirements and are previously used parts that are inspected, cleaned, tested, and repackaged.



ACDelco Remanufactured Starters and Alternators offer:

  • NEW solenoids on many top-selling starters.
  • NEW regulators on many top-selling alternators.
  • NEW brushes on all starters and alternators.
  • NEW solenoid contacts and armature support bushings on all starters.
  • NEW bearings on all alternators.
  • Each remanufactured alternator and starter is 100% tested