ACDelco Maintenance Free Batteries

The number-1 selling battery in the Middle East offers:

  • High starting power
  • Minimum corrosion
  • Increased resistance to vibration
  • Better battery life


Q: Does this battery perform well in hot/cold weather?
A: It is important to have the right battery for your vehicle. Refer to OEM specifications in your Owner's manual or an OEM driven supplier such as ACDelco.

Q: How long does this battery last without losing its charge?
A: All batteries need to be maintained. Parasitic drains in a vehicle can deplete a battery in 2-4 weeks. To be safe, vehicles should be started once a week or once every other week and idled for 5 minutes to ensure that the battery retains a reasonable state of charge.

Q: If my car has a "start-stop" feature, does this affect what type of battery my car has?
A: In the case of GM vehicles, AGM batteries are required for start-stop vehicles. Use of a flooded battery will result in the life only being about 4-6 months. Most other vehicle manufacturers are using AGM for these vehicles as well.