ACDelco Extreme Pressure is a high performance automotive wheel bearing & chassis grease formulated from highly refined mineral base oils, lithium thickener, extreme pressure (EP) additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors.

A high performance automotive wheel bearing & chassis grease.

Automotive applications:

1) Automotive wheel bearings

2) Chassis grease point lubrication

3) General automotive lubrication

Light Duty Industrial and Construction Applications:

1) Construction equipment bearings

2) Earthmoving, quarrying and mining

3) Industrial plain and rolling elements bearings

4) Agricultural equipment


1) Protects metal surfaces Effective EP additive protects against component wear under high load conditions. Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect metal surfaces.

2) Resist oxidation Formulated with antioxidants to resist oxidation to enhance grease service life.

3) Good pumpability Good pumpability characteristics of the lithium thickener provide suitable flow properties for grease pump application systems (NLGI 2).

4) Reduces complexity Multipurpose capability allows use in a wide range of automotive applications reducing the number of different greases required and eliminating product misapplication.