ACDelco Carburetor Tune-Up Conditioner

ACDelco Carburetor Tune-Up Conditioner contains solvents and penetrating agents designed to remove gum, carbon, and other deposits from the fuel induction system. It frees sticky valves and sluggish compression rings. This product also removes excessive deposits from the combustion chamber. For best results, this product should be used in conjunction with an engine tune-up.  Not for Sale in California and other OTC States


  • Specially formulated solvents and penetrating agents removed gum, carbon, and other deposits form the fuel induction system
  • Assists with performance upkeep by freeing sticky valves and sluggish compression rings
  • Also assists with combustion chamber upkeep by removing excess deposits


There are a number of warning signs that may indicate that your carburetor is in need of cleaning:
  • Vehicle starts then dies within a few seconds
  • Hesitation or stalling during acceleration
  • Fuel spitting out through carburetor throat
  • Vehicle backfires periodically with black exhaust smoke
  • Fuel leakage when engine is running


  • Remove air cleaner and run engine at medium idle (about 750 RPM) when applying product.
  • Spray product into carburetor venturi (throat in carburetor’s air passage) until empty, striking automatic choke plate, main throttle plate, and shafts. This will result in a reduction to 400-500 RPM, this is normal.
  • Turn off ignition and let the engine stand for 5-10 minutes.
  • Restart engine, opening and closing throttle rapidly, for 2 minutes.
  • Replace air cleaner.
  • On older vehicles, a smooth-running carburetor is paramount in maintaining the right fuel-air mixture to keep your vehicle functioning properly. Regular inspection and cleaning is a great way to ensure this.
  • Time between cleanings can vary depending on individual driving habits, but should be done about every time the oil is changed.
  • The addition of fuel additives can help to keep the fuel system clean and the carburetor flowing effectively.
  • Change your fuel filter on a regular basis to prevent debris from entering the carburetor.


Q: Can ACDelco Choke and Carburetor Cleaners be used for non-automotive applications?
A: Yes, these products can be used for other non-automotive applications such as lawn mowers provided the basic safety and usage instructions are followed.


Q: Does the application of ACDelco Choke and Carburetor Cleaners require pre-cleaning?
A: No, pre-cleaning should not be required in most cases, however, it may be necessary to repeat the cleaning cycle to obtain the best results for parts with heavy build-up.


Q: Is there a recommended usage amount per application for this product?
A: No, the amount of usage depends on the size of area cleaned and the volume of deposits that need to be removed. Use as much product as needed to do a thorough job, read product instructions.


Q: Will ACDelco Choke and Carburetor Cleaners work for other automotive cleaning applications?
A: Yes, this product could work for other applications, however, the solvents used may be harmful to those surfaces. It is always best to use the right product for the job.