ACDelco Fuel System Cleaner

ACDelco Fuel System Cleaner can be used in passenger cars and light duty trucks with gasoline engines. This fuel system cleaner helps remove and prevent gum, varnish, moisture, and ice build-up in the fuel system.


  • Helps remove gum, varnish, moisture, and prevents ice build-up
  • Can safely by used in vehicles with gasoline engines
  • Developed to exceed your performance expectations


  • Fuel system service is possibly required when the vehicle is hesitating, having trouble starting, achieving sub-par fuel consumption, operating sluggishly, and/or providing poor overall performance.
  • Faulty fuel injectors in particular can cause a number of issues, including abrupt engine power, engine misfire, rough idling, fuel leakage, and reduced fuel economy.
  • Fuel injectors (particularly injector nozzles) are in an environment where tremendous heat is generated. The burning of fuel can leave hardened carbon deposits on piston valves and fuel injector nozzle heads that interfere with the spray pattern and flow of fuel. The preceding issues, especially when multiple issues are encountered at the same time, are indications that this and other forms of contamination have occurred.
  • Although significant repair of fuel system components may be required in serious cases, fuel system additives are often an excellent solution for nagging problems.


  • The goal of proper fuel system maintenance is to keep the system clean and help ensure the most economical and efficient fuel system life.
  • Some of the ways contaminants can be kept out of the system from the onset are by keeping fuel system components, especially fuel transfer equipment like nozzles, tanks, and hoses free from surface dirt and out of the rain.
  • Performing regular fuel system cleaning and maintenance helps remove fuel varnish build-up, intake valve deposits, and cylinder head deposits.


Q: Should I clean my fuel system regularly?
A: No. The fuel system should be cleaned whenever the engine appears to be running poorly such as difficult starts, rough idle, or poor acceleration.

Q: Can using a low octane/cetane fuel cause significant problems with my fuel system components?
A: Yes. Low octane or cetane fuel can cause engine knock which can damage the engine. Fuel with a minimum amount of detergents and additives can also lead to harmful injector and engine deposits causing difficult starts, poor acceleration, and reduced fuel consumption.

Q: Is do-it-yourself fuel system cleaning enough to keep my vehicle running smoothly?
A: Yes. Fuel system cleaning can reduce or eliminate many causes of fuel system problems. If problems persist after a second system cleaning the problem is more serious and further investigation will be required.

Q: Should I take my vehicle to a technician regularly for a professional fuel system cleaning?
A: No. But if the fuel system cleaner does not correct the problem after two treatments, other types of cleaning or tuning will be required.

Q: Are there symptoms I can look for that show my vehicle might need a fuel system cleaning?
A: Yes. Difficulty starting, rough idling, poor acceleration, and poor fuel consumption are all signs the fuel system may need cleaning.

Q: Are there other products that are necessary to use before/after/along with these fuel system cleaners?
A: No. Each of these cleaners can be used independently or in combination with each other to maximize system cleaning. Under most circumstances these products do not require any other product prior to or with any other product. If symptoms continue further diagnostics or repairs may be needed.