ACDelco Glass Cleaner

ACDelco Glass Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning windows on automobiles, trucks, airplanes, and boats. It can also double as a household window and glass cleaner. This product is a non-streaking cleaner that can quickly dissolve and remove film haze on both interior and exterior glass and is safe for use on all vehicles. It works well on interior chemical film, smoke film, and general windshield haze.


  • Non-streaking formula dissolves film haze.
  • Can be safely used on both interior and exterior glass.
  • Removes chemical film, smoke film, and general windshield haze.



  • Always use the proper cleaning products for each specific material within your vehicle interior (leather, cloth, vinyl, carpet, etc.).
  • Make sure to pretest the material to be cleaned before using a particular product.
  • Avoid excessive use of water when cleaning the vehicle’s interior, as it can cause a lingering musty smell and mildew buildup.


  • When washing or cleaning your vehicle or vehicle part(s), do so in a shaded area. If the vehicle or part is hot, soap and other products will dry too quickly, staining the surface and requiring another wash.
  • Pre-soak your vehicle or vehicle part(s) to remove heavy contaminants.
  • Always rinse your vehicle or vehicle part(s) thoroughly.
  • Use a different mitt/sponge/cloth/etc. to clean each part of the vehicle (exterior body, wheels, rims, etc.).


Q: Should I clean my vehicle’s interior and exterior regularly?
A: Yes. Regular vehicle washes allow the owner to remove harmful deposits and fallout before they are too damaging. However, the best method for keeping your vehicle paint like new is to correctly use a good wax product at least twice a year. A good cleaning of the vehicle interior every month with the right products can help keep the surfaces in good condition and minimize the chances of getting bad odors and dirt build-up.