Protect your Combustion System from contaminants with a high-quality ACDelco Professional Fuel Filter. The Filtration System prevents contaminants from entering the engine and transmission while allowing enough fluid or airflow to keep them running properly.


  • Protects your vehicle’s fuel system from contaminants, such as: dirt, rust, and paint particles.
  • Traps contaminants before they enter the fuel delivery system for improved engine performance


Due to a dirty fuel filter or leaking connections, these problems may occur:

  • Reduced power at high road speeds.
  • Engine stumbles or stalls.
  • Engine will not start.
  • Fuel odor in or around the vehicle.
  • Rough running engine.
  • Poor acceleration.
  • Decreased fuel economy


To extend the life of your fuel filter:

  • Keep fuel and your fuel system away from sparks and flames, fuel is highly flammable and can cause a thermal event.
  • Do not smoke or be in the vicinity of sparks/naked flames while handling fuel or working on your fuel system, this could cause a thermal event.


Q: Will I know immediately if there is fuel system damage?
A: No. Some vehicles can still drive for kilometers with fuel system damage. But there are warning signs to look for, such as, your vehicle struggles or sputters to start, doesn’t start at all, lacks power, or stalls.

Q: Does it take a long time to replace the fuel filter?
A: No. It varies by vehicle make and model, but if all fuel filter replacement steps are executed properly and safely it should only take you about 1 hour to replace the fuel filter. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual may list the fuel filter replacement procedure for your specific vehicle. Also, some fuel filters use Quick Connects and may require a special tool to replace them.

Q: If I do not replace my fuel filter frequently will it lead to lowered fuel economy?
A: Yes. This may result in lowered fuel economy. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for exact fuel filter replacement intervals for your specific vehicle.