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ACDelco is the premier supplier of General Motors (GM) Original Equipment (OE) automotive replacement parts, as well as a trusted provider of premium aftermarket parts for most other makes and models. ACDelco offers nearly 90,000 auto parts across 37 product lines, and our products can be found in more than 100 countries. As a global leader in automotive replacement parts and related services, our focus has always been on delivering peace of mind, reliability and a legacy of quality and trust.

ACDelco’s GM OE auto parts are the original parts for GM vehicles and meet or exceed GM OE specifications. From the ACDelco Professional line of premium aftermarket auto parts to the ACDelco Advantage line that delivers quality at a more affordable price to the ACDelco Specialty line, covering specific applications such as high use and heavy-duty, ACDelco understands your needs and delivers the fit, form and function you deserve.

ACDelco provides high-quality parts for all major vehicle systems, as well as off-road, marine and industrial equipment. Our product portfolio includes maintenance parts such as car batteries, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, wiper blades and brakes, as well as repair parts such as alternators, radiators, chassis and heating/cooling components.

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