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Hatoola ACDelco

From Korean to Japanese, for all your car needs.

Any type of car, making sure it always starts.

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Trusted from the get-go, Hatoola ACDelco.

Our expert technicians service your car   with high-quality products for all your car needs, including batteries, oils, spark plugs, wiper blades, brake pads and more.

Spark Plugs

ACDelco spark plugs include advanced features that would give your engine the spark it needs. Available for different types of vehicles.

Wiper Blades

ACDelco Wiper blades offer the latest in windshield wiper blade technology with high-quality windshield wipers.

Engine Oils

Engine Oils

Designed to provide incomparable engine protection, ACDelco engine oils make sure your engine keeps up.

Transmission Fluid

ACDelco Automatic Transmission Fluid III (H) is a premium quality transmission fluid with superior frictional characteristics, ensuring excellent friction retention and facilitating smooth shifting.

Engine Air Filters

ACDelco engine air filters help maximize the performance and efficiency of your car’s engine.


ACDelco high-quality coolants protect your engine from overheating,and helps regulate the engine all year round.

Transmission Fluid

Brake Pads

There is no room for compromise when it comes to brakes, and ACDelco brake pads offer premium braking performance.

Oil Filters

ACDelco Oil filters helps to keep your car’s engine oils clean, so you can run a smooth engine. 

Cabin Air Filter

ACDelco cabin air filters keep pollen, dirt, dust, and other particles from reaching the inside of your vehicle.

Brake rotors

ACDelco brake rotors are manufactured with Ferritic Nitro-Carburizing technology and are hardened and strengthened during an extended manufacturing process.