Whether you have a trusted technician who works on your vehicles or you prefer to do the work yourself, ACDelco wants to help you keep your cars and trucks running strong, long and efficiently. Use the links below to identify car noises, smells and leaks, as well as access frequently asked questions about car care and performance problems.


Cars and trucks make a lot of different noises. Some mean the vehicle is running in good condition, while others mean it’s time to take it to a trusted automotive technician. Use this handy guide to figure out the difference between car noises.


A strange odor coming from your vehicle could mean there’s a problem you need to take care of right away. Or it could just be an old sandwich you forgot in the backseat. You can use this list to see what various car smells indicate.


Fluids leaking from your vehicle onto your driveway is not always a cause for alarm. But if you learn what to look for, you can determine if a leak is normal or if it is a sign to bring your vehicle into a dealership or independent workshop for diagnosis and repair.


What does it mean if your car pulls to the left when the steering wheel is centered? Or what if you have to push the accelerator all the way down just to go a little faster? Read our handy list to figure out common auto performance troubles and communicate easier with your technician.


ACDelco technicians are here to help you with car maintenance and keep it running smooth for years to come. By asking a few important questions, you can be sure you are taking all the necessary precautions for a healthy car.