Our advanced battery technology helps deliver optimum power and minimal fluid loss for passenger cars, light, and heavy-duty trucks:

  • Fast activation ensures minimum waiting time for battery to be put into service
  • Glassmat separators prevent premature failure
  • Handle design for easier handling


Q: What is the difference between conventional battery and maintenance free battery
a. Conventional battery is normally a dry charged battery where the battery is already charged but not yet filled with acid/electrolyte
b. Acid/electrolyte need to be added before a battery is used.
c. Conventional battery is available with vent plugs (ventilation plugs) which can be opened for adding distilled water/demineralized water.
d. Maintenance free battery is a battery which is already filled with acid from the factory and ready to use.

Q: What is the acid/electrolyte Density/SpGr required to fill the battery initially?
A: Acid/electrolyte Density/SpGr required is 1.280 @20ᵒ Celsius

Q: What is acid/electrolyte?
A: Acid/Electrolyte is sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

Q: How long we need to wait after acid is filled to a new battery before it is used in the vehicle?
A: it is suggested to wait 15 minutes before a battery is used after filled with acid. This is for plates to absorb acid (soaking time).

Q: Is charging required for a new battery after filled with acid?
A: for a dry charged conventional battery, charging is not required after acid filling. Because battery plates are already charged from the factory.

Q: Should electrolyte/acid drop to lower level after used, is it necessary to fill in with distilled/demineralized water?
A: It is highly recommended to use only distilled/demineralized water or battery water that is normally sold in the market. Because normal tap water/drinking water contains minerals that can damage battery plates. Acid/electrolyte must free from any minerals or metal content.

Q: When is distilled water need to be added after the acid level drop?
A: As soon as the acid level reaches lower level which is printed on the battery

Q: How long a conventional battery can be kept in storage before it is being used?
a. Conventional dry charged battery is equipped with aluminum foil which is attached in every ventilation hole.
b. The purpose of the aluminum foil is to keep the battery plates interact with air from outside. As air or oxygen can damage battery plates.
c. If the aluminum foil is still firmly attached, battery can be kept for over then a year